Guest Post: Flooring Services

I wanted to get a chance to let my buddy use this platform for his wood flooring business.  So for today and today only, we’re gonna have him teach a little bit about the hardwood flooring industry.

Tips For Choosing and Installing the Right Hardwood Floor Color

Hardwood flooring can add beauty and warmth to your home. It can also be a long term investment. So, you have decided to get hardwood floors. Easy enough, right? Pick a wood, color and style and you are done with it. Well, not so fast. There are a lot of factors and features that will determine what kind of hardwood flooring your home can accomodate and what will look best with your existing furniture and decor.
Hardwood flooring is usually made of two basic options: solid wood and engineered wood. Generally speaking, solid wood is what you generally think of as a general hardwood flooring: solid planks of wood. On the other side, engineered wood flooring is made of a thin layer that sits on a core of plywood. Sometimes is engineered wood harder and denser than typical hardwood. Engineered wood deals with moisture usually better than solid wood and is often recommended for concrete slab subfloors. Traditional solid hardwood floors are not well suited for below-grade installations as there is the possibility of moisture issues.

Furthermore, if you intend to install the wood flooring yourself, engineered-wood flooring is the best unless you have a plethora of experience with flooring installation. On the other hand, engineered-wood flooring is way less expensive and much easier to install. It also comes prefinished. This means that you don’t need to sand the floor, dramatically simplyfying the task of installing the floor.
Keep in mind that you should plan to order 10% more flooring than is needed as much of the material will be cut to fit your rooms. Once the boards are cut, they cannot be used elsewhere as the end tongue or groove are also removed. If the room is square with no interruptions, less than 10% might work.There are three basic methods of installing hardwood flooring: glue-down, nail-down and floating. When nailing or stapling down hardwood floors, the subfloor must be made of a material that will hold nails or staples for the life of the floor. Glued-down carpet, plywood over concrete or vinyl should be removed to get down to the solid flat and dry subfloor.

Wooden floors are in most cases laid floating, allowing for sheer expansion and contraction. Lay a vapor barrier if necessary, then roll outunderlayment. For the first three or four rows of flooring, choose very straight boards. In the next step, cut one starter board for each row. These boards should vary in length by at the very least five or six inches so the end joints of these boards will be staggered by at least five inches from row to row. Do this carefully and always plan ahead.
Position the first board of the hardwood, with its tongue facing into the room. Use spacers to maintain an expansion gap against the wall. You can also buy a laminate kit, which includes tools such as a pull bar, wedges and a tapping block. These tools come with instructions which may help you learn how to use these tools.

When choosing the color of your wood floor, take full advantage of flooring samples. While photos of interiors may give you a general idea of what the end result may be, it’s a good idea to see the floor color on-site, in its natural environment. If you prefer a classic, rustic look, go with natural unstained wood or maybe traditional shades of brown. Dark and black tones generally speaking are a popular choice for modern and chic interiors, urban condos and the like. Bold and deep colors, such as various shades of red, add character to offices, public interiors and hallways. Learning to think of flooring as an indispensable element of decor is necessary in order to pick the best possible wood floor color. While personal preference matters, it should not always be a deciding factor. Style and existing colors should be given proper consideration.After you install your new hardwood floor, keep in mind that it should be cleaned regularly. To accomplish that, simply sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor carefully to remove dirt from between the floorboards. Avoid using a wet mop or wet rag on hardwood floors as water can damage the wood over longer periods of time. Special rugs can be purchased from a wood flooring retailer that will protect the floors from discoloration.


The premiere that “popped” the record

M. Night Shyamalan’s fantasy adventure film, produced by Nickleodeon Movies, The Last Airbender released in 2010. The film was distributed by Paramount Pictures, and featured Jackson Rathbone, Dev Patel and Nicola Peltz in starring roles. The premiere was held in New York City on June 30, 2010. In fact, two days later, during a showing of the film in Pasadena, Texas, there was a massive spill of popcorn butter and it requires a multi-day carpet cleaning  effort to fix the mess. Just a little fun fact that might only be reported right here on this blog.

The film tells the story of fifteen year old Katara and her seventeen year old brother Sokka. They live next to a river at the Southern Water Tribe, a little village in the South Pole. One day, they go out hunting, and chance upon an iceberg that shoots a ray of light into the sky. the iceberg, they find a boy called Aang, along with a nig flying bison named Appa living inside the iceberg. The siblings are unaware that Aang is a long lost Avatar. He is the only person on earth who has the power to ‘bend’ all the four elements. A hundred years have gone by since the Fire Nation has declared war on the other three nations- the Air Nation, the Water Nation and the Air Nation. The Fire Nation’s goal is to conquer the world. Aang must gain mastery over all four elements so that the Fire Nation cannot enslave the others.

Most reviews of the film were negative, with both critics and audiences finding inconsistencies in the plotline. They also spotted considerable differences between the TV series on which the film was based, and the film itself. However, it earned a profit at the box office. It was made on a $150 million budget, and earned $131 million from the domestic market, and $319 million nationwide.

The film is based on the first season of the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The tv series was created by Michael and Bryan. It was aired on Nicklodeon for three seasons from 2005 to 2008. The series is set in an Asiatic space where some people are able to ‘bend’ the four elements using certain kinds of martial arts. Unlike the film, the tv series was acclaimed both by critics and audiences.

The Last Airbender was originally supposed to be a trilogy of films, based on the three seasons of the tv series. However the large number of negative reviews from critics as well as followers of the tv series caused the producers to give up on this idea. The film earned five Razzies in the 31st Golden Raspberry Awards of 2011. These five awards included the Worst Picture Award.
The film courted controversy when audiences noticed that white actors had been cast as Asian characters in the film. Indian and Iranian characters had been cast to portray the villainous characters from the Fire Nation. This caused many people to be turned against the films even before its release, despite Shyamalan’s insistence that the cast would be racially diverse.

Although the film will be remembered as one of the most negatively received films in recent times, actors Dev Patel and Shaun Toub were praised for their performances in the film.

An unforgettable series

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a series of planned trilogy of live action films. It is also a fantasy and comedy film. Night M. Shyamalan has written its story. It is produced by M. Night Shyamalan while Jose L. Rodriguez worked as co-producer and executive producers were Michael Dante Di Martino and Bryan Konietzko. Nickelodeon Animation Studios has worked for producing it. The Last Airbender 1 is based on Book One: Water, The Last Airbender 2 on the Book Two: Earth and The Last Airbender being based on the Book Three: Fire is yet to release. After the release of first part, The Last Airbender 2 was kept secret and seemed like it will not release as it was declared to release in 2011 but not released then.

In the movie, there are four nations into which the human civilization is divided-the Water Tribes, the Kingdom of Earth, people belonging to the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads. The different techniques of bending which include Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending and Firebending are displayed clearly showing the visual and physical differences. The benders belonging to different tribes have the ability to control and manipulate the element of their own nation.

As the film goes on, we come to know that the Fire nation want to rule over the other nations while the other nations want to live with harmony. But the Fire nation suddenly declares the war which disappoints the other nations and the destruction continues for over one century. Then an Avatar named Aang, belonging to Air Nomads declares that he has the power to bend the elements of all the nations. Thus, the other three nations unite together to fight and save the world from the cruel and ruthless Fire Nation. The fighting is so fierce that if we were in today’s era the forests and villages would need a professional tree service to clean things up and get all back in order again. Aang and Katara who is a Waterbender joined together and her brother, Sokka to bring back the same world where they can live in harmony.


As everything has a light and dark side, The Last Airbender movie is much liked by the fans of animated movies for its visual sense, lively and vibrant characters and infatuating storytelling and they felt on the seventh cloud after watching it but at the same time it has also faced criticism from their opposition due the over actions, the story and effects used.

You will be shocked to know that there were also some tries to boycott the movie. This situation arose because of the partiality as the decision was made that the white actors will play the role as Asian characters from the series while the Indian and Iranian will be casted as the ruthless characters of Fire Nation. It had adverse effects large number of fans turned against it even before the releasing of film. But the problem was solved by the Media Action network for Asians and Americans as they backed the calls to boycott the movie.

The movie was declared to be based on culture and rituals which was not fully maintained but although the movie faced worldwide negative response, it made $319 million worldwide.

The ultimate combo of super natural powers

No one can forget the amazing experience of The Last Airbender series; it was a journey to fantasy land with M. Night Shyamalan and all of us enjoyed all parts of this series. This movie is well planned with outstanding visual sense, appealing storyline and vibrant characters where viewers can enjoy extreme adventure each time when they watch this series. This animated movie contains astonishing background with ultimate combination of super natural powers where each character plays his/her role in appealing manner.

The Last Airbender series is based on four elements: Fire, Earth, water and air; film story revolves between various characters that are master with ultimate supernatural powers and can create disaster with these four elements. These four elements work with high class technological mastery that keeps other down; there is no other movie that has power to beat the amazing entertainment of The Last Airbender series. In the very first movie of this series two siblings named as Sokka and Katara from Northern Water Tribe discovered an extremely powerful boy beneath an icy homeland. His name was Aang, he was considered as powerful Avatar who can regulate all four elements as per his wish and keep them in order. But storyline reveals that everything is possible with practice and dedication; peace of mind can perform all extraordinary tasks and with self realisation at various stages. Avatar started taking mastery over all these elements. Aang was capable enough to control all movements of air and can use it to create disaster at critical times; he was advised to make use of this air bending power to bring peace in this world. He was capable in tree removal with air bending forces and can turn sleeping sea into killer disaster within few moments.

The last Airebender series used ultimate 3D bending concept and it was planned with huge budget; this movie revolutionised the concept of animation in movies and after this lots of 3D technology based movies came into market. But till now none of them is able to hold powerful control over viewers mind as like the last Airbender. It was really interesting to see various supernatural forces working against adversities and they were well controlled by Aang time to time as per need of world. All characters of this movie series performed amazing role and they expressed complete story with ultimate expressions. Some dialogs were really good and impressive; storyline delivered everything in epic manner. 3D technology made this movie very interesting and till now viewers cannot forget the amazing power controls initiated by Aang at various stages in this movie. His ability towards tree removal with air bending, creation of excessive water flows and fighting powerfully against enemies was really an interesting task. Even if anyone got a chance to watch The Last Airbender series again and again he will never miss the opportunity to see all this extraordinary but well managed stuff. All credits goes to M. Night Shyamalan for his awesome creativity and amazing mixture of technologies and concepts. Over all we can say that The Last Airbender series of movies is best collection in world of animated movies.

The wonderful creations of M. Night Shyamalan

Wonderful creations of M. Night Shyamalan are always remembered whenever people talk about absolute disaster in movies. The Last Airbender movie is well known for its ultimate creativity and epic storyline that hold powerful control over minds of all viewers. For all those who love animated series of movies, modern era has many advanced collections to entertain them but no one can beat the real adventure of The Last Airbender series. Viewers can still imagine the dreadful disaster of this movie that played ultimate role on background with interesting storyline. After analyzing eye catching performance of all characters in this movie we can say that it is an exception.

The last airbender include ultimate details about inner powers that are realized by very few people and those who actually perceive such ultimate powers can do anything beyond imaginations. It is all about encouraging our soul to act in extraordinary way but this spiritual power can be controlled only after huge practice; if someone tries it without guidance they can ruin everything. The Last Airbender films have many things to teach us; it tells about ultimate strengths of people that are present in every human being but are not realized by all. Spiritual science played an important role in storyline and M. Night Shyamalam created perfect blend of features in this movie; we can say that no other animated movie can beat the adventure of The Last Airbender series.

The first movie of this series was released in 2010 and it was only movie at that time with such a wonderful storyline and powerful scenes; you might have surely spent long hours of entertainment with all parts of this movie. Many people might have enjoyed this wonderful movie at theaters near Cherry Hill, NJ exactly after first release. One can watch this series of movies many times because you will never get tired with this amazing entertainment. Although many animated movies came after this series but true lovers of air bender series will always recognize it as incomparable movie from complete series of American Movies. There are lots of special effects at various stages of the last Airbender series and those effects make it highly adventurous series; various miracles are present at every step and they create something new out of story. Those who have enjoyed first part of this movie, probably for them it was quite difficult to wait for the next series; although complete story of this movie series revolve around some connected issues and suspense are revealed time to time. The Cherry Hill, NJ theaters are well managed and you can enjoy movie hours with huge entertainment over there. It is good to find some time to visit the place and enjoy some theater hours with friends and if you are lucky enough to enjoy the Last Airbender series at this location it will be a great experience. If you are one of the Hollywood movie lovers you will surely love to watch The Last Airbender movie series again and again.

A bit about The Last Airbender Films

The Last Airbender is a 2010 fantasy adventure movie by Academy Award winning director M.Night Shyamalan. The movie is partly based on the animated series of Nickelodeon named Avatar: The Last Airbender. M.Night Shyamalan has diverted from his usual course of suspense thrillers in this movie which tells the story of Noah Ringer a 12 years old boy who is the last hope for peace in a world torn into pieces by hate and chaos. It is set in the imaginary world which is divided into 4 nations – the earth, water, fire and air whose inhabitants known as Waterbender, Airbender, Firebender and Earthbenders have learnt to control their native elements. James Newton Howard who collaborated with Shyamalan in 7 of his movies composed the music for this film.

Storyline: Peace reigned in the kingdoms of Fire, Earth, Air and Water under the rule of the Avatar who is the sole connection with the world of spirits. Avatar is the only individual who was successfully mastered all these four elements. However the Avatar soon disappears and the Firebenders who have plans of dominating the world launches an offensive to exterminate all the Airbenders so as to clear their path for future domination. A century elapses and the present Fire Lord Ozai is still imprisoning people in the kingdom of Earth and Water, who still have towing and bending ability. In the meanwhile the brother and sister named Katara and Sokka who belongs to a water tribe in the south comes across a mysterious child who is trapped in ice on the fringes of their village. On rescuing the child the siblings come to know that the child is none other than Aang the Avatar and the last in line of the Air Nomads. The siblings vow to protect the Avatar and after a series of perilous journeys through the Water Kingdom they eventually fulfil their promise.

Reception: The movie got just 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 31%. The IMDB rating of this movie is just 4.3%. Most reviewers agree that the movie couldn’t cope with its source material and the end result is over the top plot, terrible acting and an extremely detached direction. Roger Ebert gave this movie only half a star saying that this is a movie which only manages to bore and alienate the viewers. According to Hollywood Reporter this movie suffers from improper casting but they still laud the performance of Noah Ringer who played Aang. The Last Airbenders was ranked number 5 in Rifftrax’s 10 Worst Movies of All Times. However David Roark of the Relevant Magazine wrote a positive review of the film. The shooting began in 2009 in Greenland and Pennsylvania while the interiors were shot in Philadelphia.

Awards and Nominations: This movie received 9 nominations at the 31’st Golden Raspberry Awards which is a parody award ceremony held at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre to honour the most terrible movies of the year 2010. The Last Airbender unfortunately garnered 5 awards including the Worst Picture award.